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Read about old fashioned Typing Drills. Learn2Type FREE online typing tests and 10 key tests, and learn to type!
Typing drills. Words that may not mean much to today's generation of thumb-twisting-texters, but in the old days it ranked right up there with Dental Drills in the fear category.

To train a seal, one makes it repeat actions until the furry beast "learns" the trick. Someone decided to train typists the same way. The "typing drill" was inflicted upon past generations, forcing them to type out repeated patterns of letters, such as:
aaa sss ddd fff ggg ;;; lll kkk jjj hhh
ad nauseum. After several MONTHS of this finger tapping torture, many people "learned" to type (or keeled over from boredom, either way, they got out of it).

Today, other so called typing tutor websites and typing software packages simply repeat this ancient practice of "trained seal" techniques. Mass boredom ensues, and Facebook statuses go un-updated. And here's the best part, these typing training sites and software expect you to PAY to be tortured!

Hah! There is a better way. We're in the 21st century (give or take a decade), and there IS an easier way to learn to type! Where else, but at Learn2Type! The new fangled interactive typing lessons make the learning process so much simpler. And over 5 million members give a resounding YES, so take a look at what these typing lessons are.

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