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Read about how Learn2Type works with FREE online typing tests and ten key tests, and learn to type!
Seals, we're not. Repetitive tasks may train Flipper to spin a beachball on his nose, eventually, but us biped humanoids are a little smarter. If we can invent the computer, we CAN learn to type instructions to it on a keyboard.

Repetitive old fashioned typing drills just take too long, and often don't work. The revolutionary typing lessons on Learn2Type.com do things considerably differently. And better.

Each typing exercise on Learn2Type is tailored to each individual's unique capabilities and pace of learning. After each typing test, the results are quantified on multiple dimensions, and subsequent typing lessons are tailored based on specifically what that person needs to practice. Sounds simple, but there are walls lined with computer servers and herds of programmers valiantly running on hamster wheels (figuratively) to make this work.

The results of this new style typing class are phenomenal. Over 5 million (thats with six zeros, all before the decimal point) have learned to type on Learn2Type. Many users report learning in as little as 2 weeks (with a lot of typing practice lessons), to 2 months (with less time using the typing tutor). And its free, absolutely positively unbelievably FREE! Register for a free typing account and begin your journey into faster typing!

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